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We’re delighted to welcome you to our team of talented individuals from all over the world, including the Dominican Republic, Colombia, Miami, and New York.

Mega Music is quickly becoming one of the top distribution companies in the music industry. Our mission is to empower creators and their teams, and to achieve this, we’ve developed a Universal distribution and content management solution for artists. With our user-friendly platform, artists can easily manage their audio and video content.

To help artists take full advantage of our extensive range of services, we have a Music Specialist available to guide them through the various workflows involved in managing their content’s performance. From any desktop or mobile web browser, you can stay on top of your content’s success across all platforms by keeping track of playlisting, streams, and other metrics.

Our technology provides the digital infrastructure necessary to streamline content and metadata ingestion while ensuring that it complies with partner specifications. Sign up for your membership today and start uploading!

We’re excited to see what you’ll create with Mega Music!


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Our team of experts and review specialists content and rights can help you in every step of the distribution process.


    Phone: (786) 557 3633
    Email: info@megamusicdistro.com

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